From what I have read in news reports, even when off-duty he was diligent, reporting suspicious activity.

Allen Bares was willing to give his life for the safety and protection of Vermilion Parish and her residents, and I'm sure he never thought it would be on a day off, while he was cutting grass.

My thoughts are with both of his families: his wife and kids, and his fellow law enforcement officers.

I didn't know Allen very well, I only worked with him briefly and would see him around town (the last time being a few weeks ago at the buffet in Abbeville), but I do know that I never heard an ill word spoken from his lips.

I will not speak of the individuals who committed this murder, as anger would surely dominate at this time.  Let's just hope for swift justice, allow the family privacy, and think about the dangers that our law enforcement officials have to face, on- and off-duty.

In the end, Allen showed us that law enforcement is never really "off-duty".

Rest in peace Deputy Bares.