A Chevrolet dealer in Virginia sold a man a car for the wrong price, and when that customer refused to return the car, the dealership called the police and had him arrested.

According to Autoblog.com, the dealership sold the car for less than the actual price, so they called the man in to sign a new contract reflecting an increase of $5,600.  The customer refused, so the dealership had him arrested.

Dealer had man arrested after charging too little for his vehicle. (chevrolet.com)

Danny Sawyer spent 4 hours in jail before being released, after police realized they didn't have anything to charge him with in the case.  The dealership offered Sawyer an apology and offered to allow him to keep the vehicle, at the agreed-upon price; Sawyer's lawyer responded, with a $2.2 million lawsuit.

What do you think?  Would a "we're sorry" and "keep the vehicle" been enough for your 4 hours in jail?

(Via Autoblog)