April 29 is National Zipper Day, so wear something cool looking to celebrate.  Elias Howe, was sent a patent for the 'Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure' in 1851 but passed on the idea.  He didn't see the need for such a contraption.  Zippidy Doo Da,  Zippidy...are you kidding me?  He really did miss the connection!

A similar model was introduced in 1851 simply called the 'Clothing Closure' but it didn't catch on either.  Not until 1917 was a commercially accepted  model of the zipper available.  But it still wasn't called the 'zipper' until the B. F. Goodrich Company successfully manufactured the device.  So this 'National Zipper Day' when you 'zip up', you can thank the folks who made your tires.

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