I can't speak for other guys, but Christmas shopping is a miserable, stressful experience for me. In my view, Christmas gifting is definitely a Labor of love. A new survey by dating service It’s Just Lunch says women don't give men enough credit. 82% of men report spending two to five hours to find the perfect gift for the person they are dating, 57% of women report believing the last person they dated during the holidays shopped for an hour or less. The majority of men and women gave similar answers when asked how much time they spent shopping for their significant other.


  •  43% of men, and 46% of women said “2 or 3 hours,”
  •  25% of women and 24% of men said “more than three hours, but less than five hours.”

The survey also yielded other interesting insights, including:

  •  65% of singles prefer “a traditionally wrapped gift with all the trimmings” to “a gift in something reusable, like a gift bag.”
  • 61% of those who have been dating less than 60 days or less would be more uncomfortable to receive “a gift that seems too expensive for this stage of the relationship” rather than one that seems “too cheap.”
  • 30% are spending less on gifts this year.         I  actually spent more than I planned  this year.