Shortly after the ice started to form yesterday, I realized I may not be able to get to KTDY in the morning, so I thought I'd attempt to get to the station and crash in my office overnight, the ice said nope.

Staff Photo

I was working on the computer Tuesday and not looked out the window at the house, but monitoring the weather electronically like a hawk.  I could see on the computer where the rain and ice was, but just hadn't checked outside recently.

My phone rang and it was Debbie Ray.  She was concerned about getting to the station this morning.  I hung up with her and decided I'd better go outside to take a look.  I was stunned at how fast the ice had fallen and how quickly conditions had deteriorated.  From driveways to streets, all frozen.

I decided I might want to make it to the station and just crash at work overnight.  I knew I'd never make the trip if I waited till morning.  As it turned out, I was already too late, my car could not make it.  I whipped out my phone to send video back to the folks at work, to let them know how badly conditions were.

CJ Tries To Get To KTDY In Ice Storm

Thank you Jaycee for waking up early to pick me up in your bionic yellow Jeep with 4 Wheel Drive this morning to take us to KTDY for the morning show.  And thanks for the ride home as well.