I guess you could say I'm a "professional" user of social media. I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. My co-workers and I use social media extensively in our work as well as our personal lives. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

Over a billion use Facebook. Many become easy targets for evildoers if they're not careful. I'm a good example. Hackers like to target people with a lot of friends, because they can spread viruses to a great number of users with minimum effort. Two years ago, I had to change my password four times in less than a week.  Our employers have given us a lot of training regarding effective and safe use of the internet.

Bogus friend requests have become increasingly popular lately. Hackers pose as someone they think you may find interesting, and send a request in an effort to access as much of your personal information as possible, especially e-mail accounts and your friends list.

If you get a friend request that seems a little, "fishy," it probably is. Look for mutual friends. Misspellings are a red flag. Check how recently they've joined Facebook.
I've received friend requests from "Butty Johnson," and "Diana Prince," (Wonder Woman's alter ego) among others. Today, I received a message from "Alindagon De Rosa." "She" may be legit, but I have my doubts.  Her message read, "I normally wont do this. Just thought I'd letchu know I think you are cute.. My name is Alindogan and I live in Melbourne Australia. I'm 28. How's life in America?"  I replied, "I'm fat & old enough to be your father"...