When I logged on to Facebook this morning, I had a friend request From “Butty Johnson”.This person represented themself to be a young, single woman in search of a husband.

The whole thing looked a little “Phishy” to me.  “Butty” listed “her” date of birth as Nov. 28th, 1979. This would make her 32 years old. She says she’s 33, her name is “Buttylicious” and she lives in Minneapolis.…Hmmm. I checked “Mutual friends”. 4 single men from Acadiana in their 50’s & 60’s. She’s new on Facebook. Only one picture???   There was a one- word message from “her” in my inbox, “Hello”.   I replied, “I think you’re phishing.”    “Butty” responded, “What are you trying to say?” My response, “I don’t think you’re legit.” By the way, I declined the friend request.