One of the things people are surprised to learn about me is that I do occasionally cry. I'm usually a sarcastic/funny guy, but as my wife will tell you, I'm also quite "cheesy." One of the sure-fire ways to get me teary-eyed is to show me a syrupy-sweet Christmas commercial. While the Hallmark Christmas card and ornament commercials are the ones that really get to me, it can be any sentimental Christmas commercial.

A great new example of such heart-string plucking ads is Apple's new "Misunderstood" Christmas commercial. It's being mocked by some cold-hearted tech nerds, but I love it. Apple's not trying to sell you their product or service; they've just made a commercial that beautifully sums up what makes the holidays important and what the true purpose of technology should be.

Enjoy, but keep those tissues nearby.