Acadiana's Ali Landry shows off pregnant belly in Palmer's Cocoa Butter Commercial.  Our little girl from down South is all grown up and showing off her beautiful body to the world.

Her tummy is a bit different than it was in those Doritos commercials with baby number 2 on the way when this was filmed but she is just as attractive.  Gorgeous from head to toe, still just as stunning as ever.

"Ali Landry is the perfect spokes person for Palmer's, she epitomizes beauty," says Rob Neis president of E. T. Browne Drug Company.  Being from the Breaux Bridge area, we already knew that Ali is all that and a bag of pun intended.

Here she is with exposed belly in the actual television commercial and behind the scenes on the set during filming.  That's our Ali!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Commercial Featuring Ali Landry

Behind The Scenes With Ali Landry