Earlier today, I posted a story about a friend's split nail, and you responded with your advice!

My friend Kasie, restaurant manager extraordinaire, not only split the acrylic nail, but she also split the natural nail underneath the acrylic.  She posted a plea on Facebook this morning, I re-posted her plea on our website, and you commented!

The question was "How does she go about fixing it?"

Here are your comments:

Linda:  they would have to remove the acrylic nail and put on a fake one then cover it with acrylic and repaint it.


Lisa:  That's why I don't do FAKE nails


Mike:  With a grinder.


Cody:· God gave you nails. I will never understand, I guess.


Robin:  Make sure the break is clean and completely dry, if she has any anti-fungal nail treatment she can put it on now.   Then use nail glue to seal the real nail then the acrylic. This is a temporary fix if the break is causing pain. I did this with my clients. Once the glue is dry buff the nail to smooth then apply glue to the entire nail. This should hold rather well.


Kevin:   Women and their nails.


Sherryl:  Stop ruining her nails and go natural.


Jerry:  Duct tape


Mai:   Robin got the right idea I do nails and I see this problem a lot If it's painful then you might not want to remove the acrylic but super glue it and let it grow out naturally


Robin:  That is the best solution I ever found when I did nails


Cherie:  Read somewhere that you can cut a tea bag and glue it over the break. File smooth and paint


Melissa:   Get them to over lay it again, they will make it longer than your real nail so it doesn't look shorter than the rest...!


Tammy:  OUCH


Brenda:   Nail salon will put super glue under nail until the natural nail grows out. You can do this yourself


Callie:  Super glue


Christine:   It is best to replace the entire nail. If you cracked through you nail bed that will give you more support. Also you will need to have a tip put on if your nail is torn away. Things depend on the extent of the damage to your own nail and your nail tech's preference, especially if you had bleeding.

One of the reasons I love living in Acadiana: people are not hesitant when it comes to giving advice (or speaking their minds!).