I found an interesting story from the Daily Advertiser on Twitter earlier this week. It was about a reporter with the New York Times who lamented not finding a memorable meal in Louisiana. My initial reaction was literally one of shock. I was apparently not alone. My comment on the story automatically linked it to my Facebook page. Cajun & creole cuisine are the cornerstone of Louisiana's reputation for great food. Seth Kugel, the New York Times blogger, didn't visit New Orleans, or anyplace in Acadiana.

Some of the comments were critical of "The Frugal Tourist," implying a deficiency in his mental abilities. Others took a kinder, more pragmatic viewpoint. Several commenters suggested that Mr. Kugel visit Acadiana, and enjoy our food and hospitality . Mr. Kugel has responded.

Kris Wartell, the author of the piece decided to follow up on her story, and interviewed several locals, including Chef Pat Mould, and myself.

You can see the video here.  When Kris asked what I'd invite him to sample, I replied "My gumbo!" Mr. Kugel, you have an open invitation to join me, in my living room September 8th, for the Saints' home opener. I'll be serving "Falcon Gumbo."