Yesterday, I found a tweet from the Daily Advertiser about a reporter with the New York Times who complained about not finding a "memorable meal" in louisiana.
Seth Kugel wrote about his "budget friendly" road trip through Louisiana, in which he avoided staying in its Bed & Breakfasts, and didn't visit the cities best known for their excellent food.
A couple years ago, a Gallup Poll named New Orleans America's second favorite city for food, behind only New York. Southern living Magazine has named Lafayette "The South's Tastiest Town."

Mr. Kugel visited neither city.
Having enjoyed marvelous food in Lafayette, New York, and New Orleans, I'm somewhat puzzled at Mr. Kugel's itinerary. I linked the tweet to my Facebook page, and the responses were "interesting."
This morning, Kris Wartelle with The Advertiser called, asking to drop by & get some feedback. I told her it will be my pleasure.