A California 911 operator took a call about a choking child. During the call, she realized she was trying to save her own son. KOVR TV reports, trainee Adam Brooks took the call from a man who told him, "I have a 1-year-old infant – swallowed something and he's starting to choke on it." When Brooks took down the address, dispatcher Britney Melchor realized it was her home.

“My first reaction was getting help to him right away. Just like any other 911 phone call I’ve ever had. My first instinct is to do my job and help save that life."  - Britney Melchor

Fourteen month old maverick had swallowed a metal washer, and was turning blue. Emergency personnel arrived at about the same time the boy’s father, Robert Kimball, pushed the washer down the boy’s throat, clearing his airway. Maverick was rushed to a local hospital. The family now has a unique souvenir, an X-Ray of the washer in Maverick’s stomach.