A 78-year-old Deacon in an east Texas Baptist church was arrested Monday for a murder he allegedly committed 33 years ago in Pennsylvania.

AP reports Joseph Lewis Miller fled after shooting a man in a parking lot outside a hotel in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1981. Miller was known to his neighbors in Mineola, Tx. as Roy Eubanks. Miller walks with a cane, and reportedly has a pacemaker.

Miller pled guilty to a murder in 1959. He was sentenced to life in prison. The sentence was commuted in 1971 by then Pennsylvania Gov. Raymond P. Shafer.

Miller has reportedly lived in Mineola since the 1980s. He has served on a several town boards and commissions.

City administrator David Stevenson said, "He always wanted to be active in the community ... always wanting to help. I don't know anything bad or negative about him."