MacKenzie Bourg, the young Lafayette singer who's on 'The Voice,' visited with us this morning and brought with him a photo taken by his uncle in 1989. It shows a young CJ along with a very young hip-hop duo who was appearing at Colors Concert Connection, a teen club on Johnston Street.

CJ took a trip down memory lane discussing among other things his interesting clothing choices, the extra couple hundred pounds he had then, and, most graphically, his unibrow which he had electrically removed (but that's a completely different story).

We posted the awesome 80s photo on our Facebook page this morning to see who recognized the people in the picture and got some interesting answers...



No, It wasn't Salt & Pepa, it was not the Cosby Girls, and no, Tracy, that's not Darla Montgomery from TV-10 on the left. It was Tigra and Bunny, known as L'Trimm, famous for their song 'Cars That Go Boom,' ranked #95 on VH1's Greatest Hip Hop Songs.

The Cars That Go Boom - L'Trimm