Ten-year old Zilan Fitch was angry that he had been punished. But instead of trashing his room or refusing to come down for dinner, Zilan retaliated by stealing his mom's SUV and driving it straight into rush hour traffic.

Christi Sanders, the boy's mother, spotted Zilan backing out of the driveway and followed him. She reports Zilan was staying in the lanes and even using his turn signal during his joyride.

Sanders also claims Zilan was traveling at such speeds that at one point she floored her gas peddle, but couldn't catch up with him.

Eventually, Zilan was rear-ended at a stop light, and then decided to pull the SUV over.

Zilan was arrested and charged with felony unauthorized use of motor vehicle. As you can see from the video below, Zilan doesn't seem to quite grasp the damage he could have done.