UPDATE: 3/7/18 4pm;

According to Christie Howard with Zydeco Marathon:

Mile Marker #6 has been found!! - Christie Howard, Zydeco Marathon

Christie expressed her gratitude to KTDY and Townsquare Media for helping get the word out about the missing sign. It reappeared as mysteriously as it disappeared!

She also wanted to remind you that registration is already open for Zydeco Marathon 2019, to take place on March 10.



The Zydeco Marathon was this past weekend and, from the posts that I've read, it was a huge success!

Having put on fundraisers, I know how important it is to keep expenses to a minimum. So when someone takes for a souvenir an expensive item that is crucial to the race, it could cut into the bottom line.

It happened at some point after the race: someone stole the Mile Marker 6 sign.

According to the Facebook post by Christie Howard, an employee of the marathon, the sign is large, and could pose a danger:

The post goes on to say that it was last seen on Taft Street near UL's campus, and they'd really like it back (no questions asked!).

If you've seen the sign, or know who has it, encourage them to do the right thing - to steal from a non-profit won't help you make new friends, or even keep your old friends.

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