The sequestration of the jury that acquitted George Zimmerman last Saturday is said to have cost Florida taxpayers about $33,000. The jurors were allowed to partake in many outside comforts during the time of the trial, which lasted 22 days.

During the jurors' sequestered time, they were allowed to watch television and movies, exercise at the fitness center located in the hotel, and they were able to receive visits from family and friends. During those 22 days, the jurors were constantly monitored to make sure they were not exposed to any outside information, safeguarding from prejudice.

The food that was provided to the jurors was mainly provided from the hotel or from local restaurants that delivered to them, but there were several occasions when the jurors were allowed to dine out. Outback Steakhouse and Senior Tequila's were among some of the places where the jurors were allowed to eat. The jurors were also allowed to enjoy evening and weekend excursions which included bowling, shopping, movie trips, a visit to the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, manicures, pedicures, and watching fireworks on the 4th of July.

"It certainly seems reasonable to me that a woman would desire a bit of personal grooming over 22 days," said Randy Reep, a Florida attorney. "Going to the movies and having basic levels of entertainment — I cannot see Ripley's to be extravagant — seems very reasonable over three weeks."

Allowing the women on the jury to get manicures and enjoy other "normal", every-day activities was very important to their mental well-being. I would think that since they are faced with a very stressful situation, they need a little time to relax and take their mind of the task that has been placed in front of them.