In the Zales 'Let Love Shine' commercial, we eye a family enjoying the idyllic holiday season in a cabin the snowy mountains.

Father and son build a snowman, but forget about button noses and corncob pipes. Frosty is holding some bling in a box, and the little boy drags his PJs-wearing mom out into the cold to inspect their handiwork.

The lovefest is accompanied by a sweet vocal that declares 'I'm ready for you, always,"  and it leaves you wondering, "What's the song?"

It's 'Just You' by Amy Stroup, which lives on her album 'The Other Side of Love Sessions.' The lilting, gentle, acoustic song is the right sonic backdrop for this short spot about love and diamonds.

Stroup is an independent singer and songwriter who resides in Nashville, but she certainly grabbed national attention with this commercial.

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