Hanson's latest single is 'Get the Girl Back,' but all one member wanted yesterday (Sept. 4) was to Get a Girl To Be Quiet for a minute!

The youngest Hanson brother, drummer Zac, told off one audience member in Richmond, Va., last night while performing the solo song 'Lulla Belle.' The quiet 2004 rarity normally plays to hushed crowds, but last night was an exception to the rule. One rowdy female heckler captured Zac's attention, and he stopped in mid-song to tell her off!

"Seriously? I'm singing this beautiful song about a little girl and this drunk b---- is screaming," he says. "You can go home! I'm going to start that verse over so the rest of us can enjoy it."

He appears to have a little smile when he's saying it, but maybe he just felt great about calling the woman out. The crowd certainly appeared to love it! You can watch the entire incident in the video clip above.

Hanson's Anthem World Tour rolls on, meanwhile, with their next date Sept. 8 in Atlanta. Everyone behave yourselves, OK?

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