You get what you pay for. I've heard this my whole life, and you know what? It's true. There are certain things that you absolutely positively don't want to cheap out on. Whenever I'm making a major purchase, I usually tell the salesperson that I don't want the most expensive, and I don't want the cheapest.

Cheapism has a list of things that you never want to go bargain basement on. Ever. Put these things on your radar, y'all, because its important. Some of the ones I want to highlight are below, but be sure to check out the whole list.

  • Paint - you'll use twice as much, and bargain paint actually has clay in it
  • Laptops - recharging constantly, waiting for videos to upload, or, my favorite, waiting for the 'blue wheel of death' to stop. Yeah, don't get the cheapest
  • Incandescent light bulbs - by spending only a $1 on an old fashioned bulb, you spend about $180 in electricity over the years, as opposed to spending $8 on an LED bulb and racking up about $38 in electricity
  • Detergent and Cleaning products - they don't last nearly as long, and definetly don't clean as well as name brand
  • Paper Towels and Toilet Paper - bargain brands are usually less absorbent, and have fewer fibers
  • Garbage Bags - you don't want all of your trash spilled all over the street, or worse, your house, because you bought the cheap kind, do you?
  • Generic Pasta Sauce - according to Consumer Reports, this is like pouring ketchup on your spaghetti. Ugh.
  • Bicycles - you'll eventually pay the price for getting a cheaper version by buying more parts, because the originals don't last as long, and aren't nearly as durable. And they are usually way heavier
  • Tattoos - No. Just no
  • Plastic Surgery in Foreign Countries - just remember that surgical procedures outside of the USA are not regulated nearly enough. And in some places, not at all. Do you really want to go under the knife with someone who is not 100 percent certified in their field? NO. Complications, infections, and sometimes even deaths can and do occur.

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