Do you need extra cash for gas?

A company in North Carolina is offering homeowners $2,000 if they'll allow them to come into their homes and release 100 cockroaches.

The company is The Pest Informer and they are conducting research on new ways to rid homes of the pests.

The only thing is, they need homes to release the roaches in to do their study. So, they will select a few homeowners who apply and pay them big bucks.

The roaches will remain in your house for 30 days!

If the new technique doesn't work to rid your house of the roaches, the company says they'll resort to more traditional techniques, at no cost to you, to rid your home of the roaches.

I know we're all looking for extra cash these days as prices are going up for just about everything, but could you live with 100 roaches in your house, for 30 days?

Some will sign up for this, get paid, and perhaps regret that they ever took part in this, but money talks.

If you'd like to apply, click HERE.


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