My Dad always used to say "Nothing good happens after midnight." Here's proof from the New Orleans Police Department:

On Sunday, June 09, 2013, at or about 2:30am, the victim was working at 409 Bourbon Street when he observed an unknown black female reaching over the counter and helping herself to a daiquiri. The victim confronted the female. The female became belligerent, produced a handgun and threatened to shoot the victim. The female then left the establishment accompanied by another black female and two black males. The perpetrator is described as a black female, in her middle to late 20s with long black hair and possibly pregnant. She was clad in a red shirt and wearing large gold earrings. One of the males that accompanied the female was clad in a black and grey ball cap, a black polo style shirt. The subject that was seen accompanying the perpetrator can be viewed at the end of the video. Anyone with information regarding this incident can contact Det. Michael Flores at (504)658-6707/ and/or CrimeStoppers at (504)822-1111.

I looked up the address on Google and it said that address is a place called Bourbon Balcony. Watch the woman in the foreground who's getting her food!