Nikki Patterson, the "Crazy Eminem Lady", has been certified by Guinness World Records as having the most Eminem tattoos on her body, that's more than anyone else in the world. The super-fan from Aberdeen, Scotland prides herself on being the biggest fan of Detroit rapper Eminem who's real name is Marchall Mathers.

Patterson has a record-breaking twenty-eight tattoos of Slim Shady. She has 58 tattoos in total, 28 inspired by Eminem. Everything from song lyrics to portraits.

Patterson told BBC, "I've struggled with body issues all my life. I started looking for clothes which would show it off, it's been one of the happiest periods of my life where I have come into my own." She went on to say, "I'm loving how I look in the mirror."

Nikki was 19-years-old when she got her first tattoo. At 35, she's married and finally happy in her own skin (literally) but her husband is not a fan of Eminem.

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