As someone who will do just about anything to keep from putting on long pants, I know the dilemma. It's hard to live up to the fashion standards of society when you just don't understand the reasoning behind the standards. Such appears to be the case of a New York woman who says she was asked to leave a Golden Corral Restaurant because her outfit was deemed "too provocative".

In her Facebook post following the incident which happened over the weekend of May 26th  in Eerie Pennsylvania Sueretta Emke says she just wanted to celebrate her son's birthday with a meal at the restaurant. While getting her meal at the buffet line Emke says she was approached by a restaurant manager who told her she needed to cover up because her outfit was too provocative.

You can see Sueretta's outfit in the photo above. Do you think that's too provocative for Golden Corral?

The complaint about Emke's outfit reportedly came from another patron at the restaurant. Emke who was more than an hour away from her home in New York State had no change of clothes with her.

When asked specifically about what was wrong with her outfit and what she needed to cover up the manager of the restaurant reportedly offered no answer. He did, however, say the Emke and her party would have to leave if she could not make changes to her personal appearance.

The restaurant did refund the price of Emke's meal however they did not refund or comp the meal of the other members of her party. Emke is still reportedly weighing her options, including the possibility of filing charges.

She did tell media outlets that she received an apology from Golden Corral as well as gift cards. The letter also stated that the Golden Corral franchise at the center of this incident was being looked into and appropriate changes would be made if necessary.

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