Who has the best boudin ball in Acadiana?

If you posted that question on your Facebook page right now, you would probably get hundreds of comments but no definitive answer. It's a good problem to have when so many places are so good, that you simply can't choose a definitive favorite.

While we may never know who has the "best" boudin ball in Cajun Country, one woman is currently going viral for her very thorough review of a few of the local favorites.

Katie Fonté is from Baton Rouge and while she was in the Acadiana area, she decided to grab a couple of boudin balls from a few different local stores and do a fun "spur-of-the-moment" review to see who was the best.

Fonté and her husband Mark picked up boudin balls from Billy's Boudin, The Best Stop Supermarket, and Kartchner's Specialty Meats in Scott as well as Beaucoup Cajun Superette in Breaux Bridge.

Fonté tells me that she did not expect her Facebook post to go viral and still can't believe the feedback she's getting from the review, but even people who may have a different favorite than Fonté are still impressed with how thorough her review was.

Each boudin ball had its own space, showing price, batter, crunch, flavor, texture, greasiness, meatiness, and lots of other details including her husband's rankings as well.

At the time of this story, her post has been shared over 400 times and the conversation in the comments shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.


Fonté is also getting lots of messages making suggestions on other local boudin balls and specialty meats stores in the area.

Most people have been positive. Some have asked why didn’t I go here or there or I should have tried this place. I just tried some popular places that were all in the same area. They were all good, but I did have my favorites.

At this rate, Fonté may have to make a trip sooner than later for another round of reviews.

I think I’ll do it again, but try some local places that were mentioned. Then cross the river again.

Thanks to Katie and her husband for taking time out to enjoy our local culture and cuisine.

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