This is definitely not the message that Leah Holland was trying to send.

Other than the ones acquired when too much partying is involved, most tattoos have a significant meaning. From ink that we get in memory or honor of those who are near and dear to our hearts, to messages and phrases that help tell the stories of our lives, a good tattoo is usually something that usually comes with a fair amount of calculated deep thought.

That's what Leah Holland did.

Years back, Holland and a friend were sharing values that they admired about one another. Her friend let her know that she "courageously and radically refused to wear a mask"—meaning that she was unapologetically herself in any situation.

She loved how poetic that statement was and after careful "planning" over a few years, she decided to pull the trigger and get it inked permanently.

Leah got the tattoo on March 4th—just two days before her home state of Kentucky reported its first case of COVID-19. Almost instantly, her tattoo took on a whole new meaning.

It basically made it look like I'm totally, you know, anti-mask or whatever, which is not the case.

To avoid being judged for her tattoo, Holland says at first she wore long sleeves to cover her arms in public but was eventually able to laugh about the ironic tattoo. Her story skyrocketed to viral proportions thanks to a viral video on TikTok where someone asked users about "the dumbest tattoo they ever got."

Holland said she wanted people to laugh with her because by this point she thinks her tattoo is hilarious. Based on the replies, the world is definitely laughing with her. Most people joked about the timing of her tattoo, but her favorite reply was someone suggesting she add the line "hindsight is 2020."

In the end, she says she has no regrets and now has a funny story that she'll be able to tell for years to come.

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