There's an old adage that Moms dropping their kids off for the first day of kindergarten get a little emotional. By the time they're in 6th grade, it's cause for celebration. A woman on Vancouver Island, Canada carried it too far. CTV reports, a police sergeant in Saanich was monitoring school zone traffic when his radar gun registered the woman exceeding the posted speed limit. He pulled her over, and thick marijuana smoke billowed from the vehicle when she rolled her window down. There were "multiple occupants" in the car. Sergeant John Price told reporters,  “She did admit to smoking a joint and tried to excuse it away by saying her and some of the other moms this morning had a celebratory joint, celebrating that the kids were back in school.”  Authorities determined the woman wasn't impaired enough to charge her. Marijuana is on the verge of legalization in Canada. Impaired driving, however, is a federal offense. Penalties range from a fine of $600 to suspension of one's drivers license, and seizure of their vehicle.