Will Adele be saying hello to Las Vegas? 

Rumor has it that the singer is planning to take over Las Vegas with a residency. 

Adele Live 2017 - Brisbane
Glenn Hunt, Getty Images

There are unconfirmed reports of a potential Adele residency in Las Vegas, NV. One Twitter account that is spreading this glorious news is saying that Adele could be taking over Sin City as early as January of next year. While these are just rumors! It is important to note that the same Twitter account also predicted Celine Dion’s residency. 

Vital Vegas went on to say that, “We shared Celine Dion was doing at a residency at Resorts World a full year before it was officially announced, now we’ve got another juicy rumor: Adele is slated for a Resorts World residency, too,” 

In 2017 Adele was offered a $27.7 million contract for a year-long residency in Las Vegas at The Wynn Hotel. It is also rumored that IF a deal is reached with the Resorts World Las Vegas the dollar amount will be much more than what was offered to Adele in 2017.

The Resorts World Las Vegas is brand new to Las Vegas, opening just last month and brings a new definition to luxury entertainment.

Some are even speculating that Adele has purchased a Las Vegas home!

While we don't know if these rumors are true, I sure hope that they are because CJ and I will be the first in line to get those tickets.

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