Brenda Schmitz gives her husband's new fiancee emotional Christmas surprise 2 years after she died.  Amazing story.

KSTZ, Star 102.5 in Des Moines, Iowa has been granting Christmas wishes for their listeners for more than 20 years.  This year they received and granted a wish like no other.

Brenda Schmitz wrote to the station after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  The mother of four died in August 2011.  The letter she left behind was written one month before she died and asked the radio station to fulfill three wishes.  She gave the letter to a friend with specific instructions not to send it into the radio station until her husband found someone new.  When David Schmitz proposed to Jayne Abraham, the friend sent in the letter.

This is an amazing story of lasting love that will warm your heart.

Star 102.5 Granting Christmas Wish

[Via:  Mail Online]

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