St Patrick's Day is full of tradition, and an opportunity for us to enjoy some Irish food, drink, and culture. And it might be the only time all year that corned beef and cabbage is on your menu at home. But exactly why does this delicious dish symbolize St Patrick's Day for us?

Well, according to The Daily Meal, it goes back way further than we thought. Back in the Middle Ages, beef was considered a luxury, and pork was way cheaper to feed a family, but even then it was mainly for holidays. When Irish immigrants arrived in America, the opposite was true, and beef was way more affordable. Most Irish Americans turned to corned beef, which reminded them of their homeland. It was somewhat similar to salt pork, which paired well with cabbage. And thus a tradition was born!

We always try to serve corned beef and cabbage on March 17th at my house, and I can't help but think that Irish Eyes are smiling down on us for this tasty choice!

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