Why on Earth do grocery stores insist on putting this in Sushi?  And they all do it.  It's 100% unnecessary.

You've all seen it, the fake greenery in grocery store sushi packages.  What is that supposed to represent?  Grass?  Seaweed?  I think it's ugly and it gets in my way.  It sticks to the sushi and I don't think it's attractive.  If anything, it cheapens the look of the sushi.  And when I'm trying to steal a piece of sushi on my way home in the car, I end of grabbing a piece of sushi and inevitably I end up with a piece of that green plastic stuck to it and I can't drive and remove green fake plastic from my food at the same time.

Who decided this was going to be a 'thing'?  I mean, you can't go anywhere between Los Angeles and New York and not find this stuff.  It is everywhere.  Who patented this product?  And I want to know who marketed it across the nation.  Did you see television commercials or hear radio commercials for the fake grass/seaweed in sushi?  I didn't.  Did someone get in their car and drive to every grocery store in America pitching this as a 'good' idea?  And where is this plastic greenery stored before it ends up touching my food?  I don't like it.

I say, leave it off, save money grocery store owners and charge me less for my grocery store sushi.

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