U2 is one of the biggest, if not The biggest, rock band in the world. They've sold more than 170 million albums, won 22 Grammy awards, and actively supported humanitarian causes around the world. They're among the most popular rock bands of all time, but not necessarily at home. If U2 was based out of any number of cities around the world, they'd have keys to the city. There would likely be statues, and/or murals, too. The Guardian reports, That's not the case in the band's hometown of Dublin. Patrons at Grogan's Pub shared their views on Ireland's biggest export since Guinness. One young man said, “I think it’s quite an accomplishment for Bono. He does so much for charity and the poor and yet people still do hate him I don’t really like him. Maybe it’s because he’s a bit sanctimonious. It might be the glasses as well. He never takes off those glasses.” Another expressed preferences for lesser known bands like the Pogues, Cranberries, and the Dubliners. Every culture has people who resent the success of others. That's apparently commonplace in Ireland, a country that's been torn apart by civil rebellion. Some Irish resent the band for not supporting an organization called Noraid, that provided monetary support to the IRA. U2 is one of my all time favorite bands. I have 2 copies of "The Joshua Tree," saw them at the Superdome in 1997. I have tickets to see them again September 14th. Can't wait!

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