Have you ever noticed that the pelican on the flag of Louisiana is bleeding?


Why Is the Pelican on the Louisiana State Flag Bleeding?

If it's been a while since you've taken a good look at the Louisiana State flag, you might notice something you haven't before.

The pelican on the Louisiana flag is bleeding.

No, it's not something else that just kind of looks like drops of blood on the pelican, it is in fact blood.

Is this a Mandela moment? How have we not noticed this or talked about it before?

The blood hasn't always been there, so no, you're not going crazy.

The flag of Louisiana was actually updated in late 2010 to include the droplets of blood.

From flagpolesetc.com -

"The 2010 flag was redesigned to show a more sophisticated pelican tearing at its breast with three red drops of blood flowing down. Historically, it is said that the blood represents Louisiana’s willingness to make sacrifices for its citizens."

Below is the Louisiana state flag used up until the change depicting the mother pelican sans blood.


So, there you go. Yes, the Louisiana pelican is bleeding, and yes, she is feeding her children blood.

Sounds pretty weird when you say it like that doesn't it?

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