The family Christmas newsletter is movin' on up. It's now a professionally produced music video! And we have the Holderness family from North Carlina to thank. Watch their 'Christmas Jammies' video:

It's amazing! But before you start thinking your Christmas cards pale in comparison, read the rest of the story:

They're not exactly amateurs. If you thought the dad looked familiar, that's because Penn Holderness was a television journalist and has worked for ESPN and HGTV. The mom is Kim Dean Holderness, a former television journalist, as well. The two of them are partners in a video and promotion company called 'Green Room.' So they have a considerable advantage over a regular family! Penn and Kim and their adorable children are the stars of the viral video hit 'Christmas Jammies' which has been seen on YouTube over a million times in just a few days time.

Me? I'm sticking with the traditional Nativity theme and sending it in the mail.



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