Our culture has long depicted women as needy, dependent upon men, and requiring a marriage license to feel validated. That's not necessarily so, according to the Business Insider. They report that many women find marriage less satisfactory than men. Women have more opportunity, and freedom that they've ever had, yet many find marriage confining. I've had numerous conversations with divorced women over the years, and wish I had a dime for every time one of them said, "I just thought there'd be more." Women's careers, hopes and ambitions often take a backseat to those of their husbands. Men, on the other hand, benefit from the arrangement. Even in 2017, women perform more domestic chores than men, and take a more involved role in child rearing. Employers prefer married men, because they have family obligations, and are regarded as more motivated, mature and reliable than their single counterparts. The hardest lesson I learned from my own marriage & subsequent divorce is women want and expect things they don't ask for. Most men don't "get it."

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