Mardi Gras 2022 is happening in Lafayette! Lafayette Mardi Gras will be huge this year as the crowds are expected to be bigger than ever. Acadiana is ready for a good-time, free beads and free Mardi Gras t-shirts. That's why 99.9 KTDY and LDD Concepts in Youngsville have teamed up to design a Mardi Gras shirt that YOU will wear.

We have a bit of a snag, however. LDD Concepts has designed two great shirts and we can't make up our minds which one is best to throw from our float during the Independent parade on Fat Tuesday.

Take a look at the Mardi Gras t-shirts presented in this photo. Same guy, two different style shirts. Which is YOUR favorite?

LDD Concepts
LDD Concepts

99.9 KTDY wants to throw YOU the "winning" t-shirt as we pass you along the parade route this year. We'll be looking for KTDY signs in the crowd. If we see you with a sign, we will do our best to throw you a shirt (while supplies last).

So help us decide which one is the best design of the two. In the comments section on our website and Facebook page, say "PPH" for the one on the left and "KTDY" for the one on the right.

Happy Mardi Gras from your friends at 99.9 KTDY.


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