Mardi Gras has come and gone, but now one paradegoer is suggesting that the Mardi Gras Association ban one particular item from being tossed or thrown from floats.

Standing along a parade route where floats throw lots of things like beads, cups, and other throws can be dangerous if you are not paying attention.

Speaking from a personal experience, it hurts when you don't see throws coming from floats and at times, yes it can be very dangerous.

Kylie Robin can also speak from experience because three years ago she reportedly saw a friend get hit with a throw from a float and her friend was rushed to a hospital and treated there for a serious injury.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

She also explained in a viral Facebook post that she too was recently hit by an object thrown from a Mardi Gras float and had to be treated at a local medical facility. So what "throw" would Robin like to be seen banned from floats?

Well, it is the pointed bamboo arrow, that has a sharp end on it. Sure, it may be made of rubber, but this object can be very dangerous if it hits anyone not expecting it.

Now, in the defense of those who have had these on their floats, I have seen some on floats hand these to folks along the route, rather than throw them. However, that did not happen in Robin's incident years ago.

All in all, Mardi Gras parades are all about fun, but we must strive to keep them safe and one way to protect those along the parade route is to monitor what is thrown from floats.

Here's Kylie's viral Facebook where she is suggesting the bamboo arrows not be thrown any longer from floats.

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