Labor Day has come and gone, and it's now time for joys of the Halloween season!

Cool weather is set to arrive in Acadiana tomorrow evening and with it, the first real sense of the fall and Halloween season. The usual Halloween costume 'haunts' here in Lafayette are now open (with one exception), and just about every other store has put out their Halloween wares.

If you want to shop local and prefer not to buy a costume you may only wear once, check out Lafayette mainstay Old Vogue Costume Rentals in downtown Lafayette. They have a great selection of costumes, including movie - accurate costumes that you can't buy in stores. I rented a Jack Nicholson Joker costume from them years ago and it was a huge hit.

Spirit Halloween on Ambassador (old World Market by Target) opened last week. While they're still waiting on some stock to arrive, they have a wide selection of costumes and other fun accessories and decorations to choose from. Here's my favorite Spirit Halloween animatronic for 2017.

Spirit Halloween on Johnston had a sign on its front door announcing it would open on August 31st. I checked on September 1st and found that the store will instead open this Friday, September 8. The reason for the change of opening date? I'm not sure, but I'd be good money they're waiting to get in all of their stock and to tie in with the movie version of Stephen King's It, which releases this Thursday night.

Halloween City, the seasonal Halloween store run by Party City, is now open in the old Marshall's on Ambassador (by the new World Market). Party City has always had a great selection of Halloween costumes, decorations, and accessories, and you'll find that and more at Halloween City. I found some old (and now pricey) decorations at HC last year due to them holding on to old stock for resale each year.

Finally, the school supplies and inflatable swimming pools are making way for Halloween decorations in the area stores that have 'wal' in their names, among others.

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