The Saints first game in the Superdome is this weekend against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As if fans needed more of a reason to be excited, the team posted an electric hype video on Twitter featuring a prodigal son talking about his home.

In contrast to their season opening hype video, this project focuses on the team being home and being "ready to send a message about how we do things". Tyrann talks about home being a "sense of pride". That's something I'm sure all Saints fans understand.

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Saints fans were ready to run through a brick wall after seeing the video too.

In case you're wondering if the Bucs posted some kind of hype video, they didn't. Their last tweet was some kind of short conversation with two of their offensive lineman talking about "big man struggles".

Feels like the big man struggles they should be concerned with is if they'll struggle to stop the big men on the Saints defensive line from slamming Old Man Brady into the turf.

But I digress, Tyrann got me a little too excited.

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