Let's be real, wine is great anytime, but a new study has found that Americans think there's an ideal time to "wine down".

So, what time is "Wine O'Clock"? According to SWNS Digital, the study discovered that 6:59 p.m. is the ideal time to enjoy a glass of wine.

Maybe I'm just a wino, but doesn't 6:59 p.m. seem a little late? I mean, I'm also the person that will call anytime of day "Wine O'Clock" if I'm popping bottles, but  6:59 p.m.? Really?

The study also found a few other fun little wine facts:

  • 65% of people voted wine as the #1 of Americans’ top 20 little luxuries.
  • Saturday evening is the preferred day of the week to get your sip on.
  • Most people would rather drink wine at home.
  • The top "reason" to drink wine is for me-time/to relax.

Basically, people just really like wine, but we already knew that.

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