Are you cold-natured or warm-natured?  Cold-natured people tend to do better in warmer climates, and it seems that the thought of 60-degrees-or-colder sends them running for thicker socks.  Warm-natured, on the other hand (Steve Wiley), can wear shorts to work in 50-degree weather and put the thermostat on 68 when he gets there.

Thermometer 1
Too cold for your house? Our unit has been set to "Off" since September....

I think I am not normal (revelation?  I think not).  By saying that, I mean that I am warm-natured (though not enough to make me sweat when others are sweating, as warm-natured people tend to sweat at lower temperatures and I don't), but at the same time, I can handle the cold when I am outside.  Year-round, I wear long-sleeves without bother, but can easily go out in the cold with little protection (for a while, at least).

What determines warm- or cold-naturedness?  Is it genetics?  Is it environmental factors?  Is it too much (or not enough) gumbo as a child?  Is it an important enough question to keep you reading through the next paragraph?  (I didn't think so; thanks for reading this far).

Since Shannon went off to Iowa, the ECU (environmental control unit) at the house has been set to "OFF"!!!  So far, it has gotten up to 80 degrees in this house, and it didn't bother me.  Last week, when that GOOD cool front came through, I had left the windows open and it had gotten down to 55 in the house, again without bother (I put the comforter on the bed and I was good-to-go!).

Where do you keep your thermostat set?  Is that small device, and where it gets set, a point of contention between you and your family/sig-o?  I have been able to keep our unit set to "Off" since September... I am eager to see how much we'll save on the utility bill!!



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