As I was driving home last night, I saw this thing in the roadway and I had to stop and pick it up.  Not because it was a danger to anyone.  Not because it was in someone's way.  Not only because I was curious as to its purpose, but also because I believe it's in my DNA.

Seriously.  When we were younger, going somewhere with my mom and dad, ANY TIME we saw something in the roadway that looked like it was still serviceable, we would stop and pick it up.  Screwdrivers, wrenches, car parts, pieces of wood - almost anything!

When we would get home, my dad would figure out its purpose and then put it to use, somehow.  When we were kids, nothing was wasted.  When we'd go to the landfill, we'd usually come back with more than what we brought there.  Dad would get us to help him put appliances, tools, toys - whatever looked like it would be easy to repair - into the truck.  Then, we'd take it home, fix it and use it or sell it.

Well, that explanation went farther than it needed, but that gives you a little insight as to why I pick up stuff that I see on the road!

Anyhoot - here is the picture.  What is it?

Photo by John Falcon
Photo by John Falcon

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