What are the people of Louisiana most afraid of? The answer will probably surprise you.

According to YourLocalSecurity.com, the top fear in the country was a fear of spiders. That one makes sense. Spiders scare the hell out of most people. Especially when they come out of nowhere.

But when you look at the list from each individual state and come to Louisiana, it's kind of hard to believe. With the amount of festivals, large gatherings, and the fact that it's kind of in our nature to be around people, the fact that the most searched phobia in Louisiana is the fear of people, is strange.

The technical phobia term for this would be Anthropophobia: morbid fear of social situations.

The way that these phobias were calculated for each state is thus:

The YLS team used Google’s autocomplete feature to find the 15 most common ways to end the phrases “why am I afraid of/to” and “why am I scared of/to.” Gathering data from August 29, 2017 to August 29, 2018, these phrases—and the respective scientific names of those fears—were then put into Google Trends to determine which phobias each state was searching more than any other state.

Do you suffer from Anthropophobia? Were you one of the ones in Louisiana that searched the fear of people?

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