We all have phobias. Some people even have phobias about phobias. Living in Louisiana, it seems we probably have more reasons to develop behavioral issues given our unique...let's call it our unique landscape.

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The Top Phobias in the U.S.

The fine folks over at yourlocalsecurity.com have done the research to find out what the top phobias around the U.S. are, as well as what each State's "Most Searched Phobia" is.

Before we proceed, there's something we should talk about. There is one phobia on the list that admittedly I have. It's something that has only become an issue in the past few years, and as I'm typing this, it's the only thing I think about and it's driving me nuts.

I say this because I'll have to mention it later in this story and, I guess there's no way around me not typing it.

I could use a code word, but that's just going to complicate things and you won't really know what I'm talking about. So, I'm just going to suck it up and face my fears.

Brains are weird.

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On the list of the "Most Searched Phobias" in the U.S. are some you might expect like public speaking, blood, spiders, and more.

However, there are a few phobias that showed up I wasn't expecting.

Mississippi's most searched phobia is the "Fear of Being Alone".

Utah's most searched phobia is the "Fear of Needles".

Only Montana searched for “Fear of Humans” and honestly, I'm not surprised by that.

Below is the full map of every state's "Most Searched Phobia" from yourlocalsecurity.com.




The Top Five Phobias in the U.S.

1) Failure
2) Blood
3) Water
4) Intimacy
5) Spiders

Interestingly, clowns don't show up as a most searched phobia.

Louisiana's Top Phobia

The number one phobia in Louisiana is the "Fear of Water" apparently.

I mean, how can this many people in Louisiana be afraid of the water? It's everywhere we turn, we get incredible amounts of rain, we seem to flood every somewhere every two weeks.

Oh, now I think I get it.

Water is pretty much unavoidable in Louisiana. But, thinking about it in terms of dangerous, destructive floods and not just lakes and bayous, water does seem to be our most dangerous nemesis.

Two years ago Louisiana's biggest phobia was the "Fear of Social Events" which is also odd because that's kind of what Louisiana is all about. Kind of like water...


Brandon Bell/Getty Images
Brandon Bell/Getty Images


OK, I think I figured out a way to tell you about my phobia without vomiting all over my keyboard. It seems I share a phobia with the majority of people in Hawaii. Just check the map above and you'll see what I'm trying not to say.

You can read more about the methodology used to compile this list over at yourlocalsecurity.com.

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