There is something really strange happening on Instagram and it is a certain phrase plaguing the comment section of the platform's biggest profiles. It seems like there is a mass concentration of users commenting "nah he tweaking" and no one knows quite why.

UPDATE: Some believe that rapper 'Lil Was X' may have started the Instagram trend.

@H_and_S_Academy posted the below video explaining why they believe 'Lil Nas X' may be the originator of the comment.

We also got this response to the original report on Twitter that got me digging.

Did 'Lil Nas X' start "Nah He Tweaking"?

Remember when 'Lil Nas X' caught heat for selling "Satan Shoes" that reportedly contained human blood? Well, he certainly does according to these social media users.

Is 'Lil Nas X' making a point about Tony Hawk having a skateboard with blood in it?

Some online believe so. Keep reading to get the entire backstory.

What is going on with Instagram?

To be frank, I have no clue. Just check out some comments under a few random Instagram pages' posts below.

Basically, loads of comment sections on pages with lots of followers are being spammed with "nah he tweaking" comments.

Here is what Twitter had to say about it.

What is going on?

Is this just some weird phenomena of commenters uniting on Instagram?

Or is Instagram having a real problem with their platform?

This story is developing...

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