I was scrolling through the necessary evil known as Facebook, and I came across this post about a prayer blanket from my friend Mary:

While sitting at the Diocese of Lafayette office waiting for Allen, I overheard a lady tell the receptionist that she was there for a prayer blanket. My curiosity was in overdrive because I had never heard of such a thing. I tried looking it up on my phone but nothing came up to explain what this was. - Mary Tebbetts Edley, Facebook


A Prayer Blanket? I am with Mary: I have never heard of such a thing. I've heard of rosaries to pray with, but a blanket?

Facebook/Mary Edley

I kept reading:

While I am searching Google, another lady came in and said that she was there for a prayer blanket, she was asked to wait which means that she came to sit where I was sitting. I had to ask her what a prayer blanket was because she was the 2nd person in a matter of 10 minutes that was requesting a blanket. She told me that a group of ladies from the Diocese of Lafayette make the blankets for people that are sick. I asked what the cost was and she said that they do not charge for these blankets.

I started to see where this story was going. She continues:

... I made my way to the receptionist to make my request for a prayer blanket for my mom. I explained that my 90-year-old mother ... is not healing properly and she has had surgeries to correct the problem but it is still not healing and this has been going on for 6 months. I asked the receptionist how do I get a blanket for my mom? She said all I had to do was ask. I said well I am asking for a prayer blanket for my mom. She picked up the phone and made a call and said that there is another prayer blanket request for a woman.
When the lady came out she had 4 different blankets for me to choose from so I made my selection and I then asked her to explain the prayer blanket to me. She said that the group of ladies make these blankets for the sick, they are praying as each stitch is made in the blankets. The blankets are Blessed after they are completed. The person that is wrapped in the blanket is wrapped in prayer. The blankets cost nothing but they do accept donations.

Free blankets? Sign me up!  Ha! Just kidding (about taking a free blanket), but a blanket that wraps you in prayers? I am certain that is a comforting thought for those that believe in the power of prayer!

The Diocese headquarters is situated in the Immaculata Center at 1408 Carmel Drive (the Breaux Bridge Highway) in  Lafayette. Their phoning number is 337 261 5652.

(Facebook/Mary Tebbetts Edley, Diocese of Lafayette)