It's summer vacation time, a peak travel season. If your vacation plans involve air travel, I have good news, and bad news. The bad news...No US based airline, or airport ranks among the world's best. The good news...They don't rank among the world's worst, either. Bloomberg reports, no US airline ranked among the world's top 10. AirHelp compiled data on airline's record of on-time performance, and how they handle customer complaints. They ranked Qatar Airways the best in the world, and WOW Air the worst of 72 carriers. American Airlines came in at #23, United at #37, and Delta #47. American airports don't stack up well, either. The highest ranked US airport was Seattle-Tacoma at #33 out of 142. Atlanta's Hartsfield–Jackson drew fire for a series of recent power outages. If you're traveling within the US this summer, perhaps you should consider taking a train, or driving.

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