A few days ago, I made a video message about those people in the crowd at Mardi Gras who throw things at people on floats and how upset I was about my new co-host Emily J being hit in the face this year.  Most of you agreed, that is indeed a problem.  But you also called to my attention to the people on floats who throw beads into the crowd in an inappropriate way.  So in all fairness, let's talk about that now.

The way I see it is, we have two problems.  Beads, beer bottles, etc. being thrown at people on floats and people on floats throwing beads like maniacs at people in the crowd.

Should these individuals be fined?  Should they be arrested?  Should the float they're riding be removed from the parade route?  I certainly don't have all the answers but I would really appreciate your thoughts.  Hopefully someone who can do something about these issues will see this.

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