Instead of trying to spread out a bagged spiderweb when decorating for Halloween, you can Spider-Man it up, and use this webcast gun that produced realistic looking spiderwebs.

One form of the gun attaches to an air compressor, while the other attaches to a shop-vac.

If you're interested in glow in the dark or fluorescent colored webs, they have those as refills too!

The gun itself looks to cost around $35. Refill sticks are around $5 for a 20 count.

Amazon sells the guns and sticks.

Here the the specs on the webcaster gun:

  • 10" high
  • 2.25" wide
  • Worlds Most Realistic Fake Spiderwebs
  • Requires Air Compressor With 4 Cfm Or Greater Power
  • Cobwebbing Gun Uses 80watts Of Power To Create 2lbs Of Webbing Per Hour
  • Spiderwebs Glow Under A Backlight
  • Measures approximately 9 by 14 by 3 inches

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